Grieving and Growing - McLean Hospice Bereavement Support Groups

Whether you have lost a spouse, a child, a friend, a partner, a significant other, or a close associate, a McLean Bereavement Support Group may be of help.  The McLean Hospice team recognizes how difficult it can be for you when someone close to you dies.  The Bereavement Support Groups provide a safe and supportive environment to help those who are grieving.


McLean Welcomes New Hospice Director

McLean and the Alzheimer's Association Special Educational Seminar Series

Helpful News from McLean Home Care & Hospice re Fentanyl Patches

FDA’s Safe Use Initiative is asking everyone to help ensure the safe use and disposal of fentanyl transdermal system “patches” (Duragesic® and its generics). FDA has released multiple advisories concerning fentanyl patches. They continue work to increase public knowledge about how to safely use, store, and dispose of fentanyl patches. The FDA advisory warns “What people don’t know about these patches continues to harm the ones they love and care for. Keeping unused and used fentanyl patches out of the sight and reach of children can save lives. The fentanyl patch is one of a small number of potent medications that, if accidentally or inappropriately used, can be fatal in just a single dose. New patches contain a 3-day supply of fentanyl. Used patches still contain enough fentanyl to harm or cause death in a child. From 1997 to 2012, there have been 26 reported cases of accidental fentanyl patch poisonings in young children. Ten of these children died."


Many Comforted by McLean Hospice's Annual Interfaith Memorial Service

University of Saint Joseph Nursing Students Complete Their Rotation at McLean

May Day Flowers Abound at McLean

McLean Hospice Offering Special Seminars for Faith Communities

McLean Hospice has created two new, free seminars for Clergy and Pastoral Leaders to offer to their congregation members who wish to learn more about visiting and caring for ill and grieving individuals and their families.

Bonnie Lillis, LPC, McLean Hospice Licensed Counselor for Spirituality and Bereavement, will provide two one-hour seminars, based on her years of experience with end-of-life care:


McLean Hospice Invites Pastoral Leaders to Attend Its Pastoral Leader Appreciation Luncheon

The McLean Hospice Team of McLean Home Care & Hospice would like to show its gratitude to all area pastoral leaders who provide essential caring and support to patients and families at the end of life throughout our towns, by inviting them to a Pastoral Leader Appreciation Luncheon.

The luncheon will be held on Tuesday, May 7th from 11:30-12:30 p.m. at the Burkholder Community Center Restaurant, The Village at McLean, 100 Sarah Lane, Simsbury.


McLean Hospice Honors Volunteers

On April 9th, McLean Hospice took the opportunity to honor the volunteers who provided extraordinary services in fiscal year 2012.  The date was selected to align with National Volunteer Recognition Month.  The theme of the evening was “You Make a Difference!”  

The McLean Hospice 2012 Volunteer of the Year Patricia Joy of Granby is congratulated by Lori Scudder, Volunteer CoordinatorThe McLean Hospice 2012 Volunteer of the Year is Patricia Joy of Granby. The McLean Hospice 2012 Administrative Volunteer of the Year is Gail Kostruba of The McLean Hospice 2012 Administrative Volunteer of the Year Gail Kostruba of Granby with Lori Scudder.Granby. These volunteers were selected by the McLean Hospice Volunteer Coordinator, Lori Scudder, and the Recognition Committee comprised of previous Volunteer of the Year winners Jerri Pease, Wendy John, Taffy Wilcox, Lucian Cascio and Sylvia Peterson.  

Wilcox explained how hard the selection process was with so many eligible and qualified volunteers, so they added a new award The Ever Ready, Willing, and Able AwardThe recipients were Deborah Carey and Stoddard Reynolds of Simsbury, The McLean Hospice Ever Ready, Willing, and Able Award 2012 recipient Stoddard Reynolds of Simsbury with committee member Taffy Wilcox.and Stan Walczewski of Granby. The McLean Hospice Ever Ready, Willing, and Able Award 2012 recipients Stan Walczewski of Granby with committee member Taffy Wilcox. 

Committee member Tammy Wilcox congratulates Deb Carey of Simsbury who received a McLean Hospice Ever Ready, Willing and Able Award.