To all McLean Staff & Hospice Personnel

To all McLean Staff & Hospice Personnel,

I did not include any names on purpose because I was afraid I would miss one of the dozens that provided care, comfort, dignity and love to my mother and our family!  That should be your motto: McLean CCDL. I periodically have to pause or this note will get wet. 

I could not have put my mother in kinder hands than all of you.  I have been touched beyond words and what all of you do is a blessing and a necessity that fills a void for those of us in a situation affecting a beloved family member. 

Every one of you from your Director to the kitchen staff did something at sometime that made things easier, smoother, lighter, more workable and understandable and all of you need to know you are VERY SPECIAL and continue with your most important and needed work.

Love and thanks.

Sandy, Son of Flora Von Paternos